Back Up Wealthy Affiliate Website via FTP

How to Back Up Wealthy Affiliate Website via FTP

For security (or if you’re planning to leave WA) you need to backup your website. We can accomplish this using a couple of free tools that make the task easy.

There’s also a plugin you can use.

Your posts, pages and comments are stored in a database which is deep in the bowels of SiteRubix. So deep that you can’t access it using FTP. So our first step is to save your content.

Use Tools ⇒ Export to download all your pages, posts and comments to your computer. Note: this does not backup your images, other uploads, plugins and themes. These are stored in the ‘httpdocs’ folder which you can back up using FTP.

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

You can transfer files and folders from your computer to your website (Upload) or from your website to your computer (Download) via FTP using FileZilla – a free open-source program.

  1. SiteRubixObtain your FTP login details from SiteRubix Site Manager.
  2. Click ‘Details’ to access your FTP Username and Password then copy and paste them into a Notepad, you’ll need them shortly.
    Click Details FTP Username
  3. Download FileZilla from Be sure to get the correct version (64-bit, 32-bit or Mac) to suit your computer. For safety’s sake I recommend you click the ‘Show additional download options’ link instead of the big green Download button.
    FileZilla_DownloadAs with all free programs, install with care in case there are other unwanted programs attached.
  4. Create a new folder on your computer for your website.
  5. If you have more than one Website create a new folder on your computer for each website.
  6. Install and open FileZilla.
  7. Click Edit ⇒ Settings FTP ⇒ Active Mode
  8. Click OK.

Host: Your domain name (URL without http:// or www.)
Username: The FTP Username you copied from Wealthy Affiliate and pasted into Notepad
Password: The FTP Password you copied from Wealthy Affiliate

If you have only one website use Quickconnect.

If you have more than one website use the Site Manager.

  1. Click ‘New Site’ to add each website to Site Manager.
  2. Type in Host, your FTP Username and FTP Password (from SiteRubix).
  3. Click OK then repeat for each Website.

Select the website you want to back up.

  1. Make sure that the correct Local site folder has been selected on your computer.
  2. Click ‘Connect’.
  3. Select the ‘httpdocs‘ folder on the Remote site (not ‘httpsdocs’).
  4. Right-click and ‘Download’.


…make a cuppa, walk around, do some stretching exercises, go out and smell the roses…


…depending on how big your website is this could take some time. You can just sit and watch the files being transferred.

Next Steps

  1. Copy your text widgets, paste into a Notepad and save on your computer
  2. Copy and save all your Pretty Links
  3. Copy and save the settings from all your other plugins
  4. Copy and save any theme settings

Rinse and Repeat for all your websites.

Finished – remember to back up your Wealthy Affiliate websites to your computer on a regular basis.

You can also use FileZilla to verify your website in Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools), Yahoo and Bing Webmaster Tools.

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